Admiring other services Pt 1 - Photography

As I work at lots of Weddings and Parties, I get to observe many professionals at work and I often marvel and admire just how they have developed their own craft and style.

One type of professional that I am always in awe of is the Professional Wedding Photographer.

The skill of a good photographer is to be the focal point and director for all the formal pictures, quite often requiring skills of diplomacy and a command of the situation as they try to manage all of the guests into shot perfectly at the same time and then getting the perfect split second shot before the young neices or nephews bust into tears at the frustration of having to stand around so long, whilst making sure that the great aunt at the back of the picture wasn’t turning to speak to her friend off camera.

Following the formal pictures, the photographer must become the master of stealth and prowess as they blend into the background at the reception to capture those golden moments where nobody thought anyone was looking before the focal point turns around and the photographer’s cover is blown – I often think that the photographer at this point becomes a bit of a “Sniper” and when the person being photographed notices them their mind is going “Abort the shot!”.

Having recently attended the Wedding of some friends, I had the pleasure to observe the work of LB Photography who was the consumate professional all day and produced some of the best pictures of Adam & Claire and their guests including the one above – Adam, being lead singer of the band Acsia and a great Beatles fan would have truly appreciated the lengths that the photographer went to to get such a stunning shot!